How to make the most of every drop

The Guide

Water is our most precious resources yet we tend to take it for granted.  But to avoid future water shortages we need a major culture shift in how we value water. We can all do our bit to save water. If we all save a little, we all save a lot. Every drop counts.

Despite admitting to habits such as leaving the tap on when brushing their teeth, 2 in 3 people don't think that they can use less water. We believe together, we can inspire people to rethink their daily water habits. 

Whether you're a community group, local authority or business, this guide has information and tips help you talk to your staff, customers and community about water saving. It can support in running events or a social media campaign  about the need to use water wisely.

You can download the full guide and additional resources, including free water saving devices, from the links on the right hand panel of this page.




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