Rainfall and Resources

Update - 23 October 2019

Groundwater levels – below average

Bough Beech Reservoir level – above average

Despite some recent wet weather, it may surprise you that over the last two years we’ve had less rain than normal. Combined with the last two summers’ heatwaves which significantly increased demand for water, our groundwater reserves are currently well below average, which could mean water restrictions are needed in spring 2020.

Like all water companies, we depend on winter rainfall for the water we supply to our customers as underground aquifers – rocks which act like a giant sponge – only usually fill up between October and March when there is less plant growth and evaporation. We are concerned that a relatively dry winter will not sufficiently replenish our groundwater stores, ready to meet the demands of next spring and summer.

Each person in our supply area uses around 160 litres of water a day at home – that’s 20 litres higher than the national average. Water is a precious resource whatever the weather and as 85% of the water we supply to our customers comes from underground, our water efficiency activities and messages are relevant all year round. We have a wealth of tips and information, as well as tools to help customers reduce their bill and free water saving devices, in our saving water section.

We are also working around-the-clock to:

  • Find and fix leaks as quickly as we can – including on customers’ pipes
  • Start up additional water treatment works
  • Move water around our pipe network to use more plentiful resources
  • Expand our Home Water Efficiency Check programme

Below you can find more information about rainfall and resources levels which is updated regularly.


Current Resource Levels

Information updated on 27 November. Click on graph to enlarge.


Information updated on 27 November 2019. Click on graph to enlarge.

Bough Beech Reservoir Level

Information updated on 27 November 2019. Click on graph to enlarge.

Well House Inn Reference Borehole Level

Information updated on 27 November 2019. Click on graph to enlarge.

Water demand

Information updated on 27 November 2019. Click on graph to enlarge.

Raw Data Spreadsheet

To download this spreadsheet please click on the following link:

excel.zip - a ZIP format file containing the full set of all available data in a multi-sheet Excel format spreadsheet. (data updated monthly)

Information updated on 8 November 2019.