Rainfall and Resources

Groundwater levels - below average

Bough Beech reservoir level - below average

Like other water companies, we depend on winter rainfall for the water we supply to our customers as underground aquifers – rocks which act like a giant sponge – only usually fill up between October and March when there is less plant growth and evaporation. October 2018 – the start of the critical six month ‘recharge season’ - was dry, with only about half of the average rainfall during the month, however November and December were wetter. There was a dry spell again in January and just under average rainfall levels in February. March was very wet which brought overall winter rainfall to 96% of the long-term average. However, our groundwater resources are still currently below average, which is largely due to the significant demand we experienced during the summer heatwave last year which significantly depleted resources. The rainfall we had over the winter means we have sufficient levels to meet the demands of this spring and summer.

Water is a precious resource whatever the weather and as 85 per cent of the water we supply to our customers comes from underground, our water efficiency activities and messages are relevant all year round. We have a wealth of tips and information, as well as tools to help customers reduce their bill and free water saving devices, in our saving water section.

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Current Resource Levels

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Information updated on 20 August 2019. Click on graph to enlarge.

Bough Beech Reservoir Level

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Well House Inn Reference Borehole Level

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Water demand

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Raw Data Spreadsheet

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Information updated on 12 August 2019.