Meath Green Lane

SES Water is working in collaboration with Clancy Docwra to lay a new 2570 meter water main.

We need to increase the size of the existing water pipe along Meath Green Lane.  This will secure the supplies to existing properties and the new housing development in the area. 

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience these essential works may cause and thank you in advance for your co-operation and patience.

About the project

Project Update

Why is this work necessary?

What does it involve?

Traffic management

Timetable of work

Keeping you informed

Timetable of works

  From To Traffic Management Dates
PHASE 1 Lodge Lane Junction Lonesome Lane Bridge Two-way Traffic Lights May - Jul 2018
PHASE 2 Lonesome Lane Bridge Lonesome Lane Farm Road Closure Jul - Sept 2018
PHASE 3a Meath Green House Burstow Stream Road Closure Oct - Dec 2018
PHASE 3b Burstow Stream Lodge Lane Junction Road Closure Jan 2019 - March 2019
Connections  Lonesome Lane Farm Meath Green House Two and three-way Traffic Lights April 2019


Project Updates

29 March 2019

Due to some engineering difficulties, Meath Green Lane will stay closed for one further week while we address the issue. We aim to reopen the road in the evening of 5 April, but if this changes we will update this page. 

From week commencing the 8 April we will start connecting all properties in the road to the new water main which will require us to place short sections of traffic lights on the road.

We would like to thank you for your continued patience and co-operation throughout this project.

12 December 2018

We are currently finishing Phase 3a and will start Phase 3b in January. This is the final main laying section. Please note we will be undertaking work during the Christmas break, therefore the Road Closure will remain in place to ensure safety for our teams and all road users.

Due to some engineering challenges, the completion date has been delayed, the table above has been updated to reflect this.  You can also view the updated traffic management plan here. Once Phase 3b is complete, at the beginning of March, we will remove the Road Closure and clear the Traffic Management. At this point we will pressure test and chlorinate the new main, however this will have no impact on traffic. In April, we are planning to connect all the properties in the road to the new main, this will require short sections of traffic lights. We will be in contact with residents and post further updates nearer the time.”

17 October 2018

We are well underway with phase 3a and progressing on schedule with the timetable of works detailed above. We’ve successfully carried out drilling underneath the stream and are now connecting to the mains pipe underneath the road. We’re working steadily towards phase 3b and anticipate that this part of the project will begin at the end of October. We would like to thank you for your continued patience and cooperation as we go forward.

11 September 2018

We will finish Phase 2 by the end of this week and the closure will be fully removed in Lonesome Lane for the Run Reigate event this weekend. From week commencing 17 September we will start Phase 3a, advance warning signs are already in place along the road.

31 August 2018

Work is progressing well and in line with the timetable outlined above, we are ready to start Phase 3a - the road closure from Meath Green House to Burstow Stream. A diversion route will be in place and cyclists and pedestrians will not be allowed through once the road is closed.

A reminder that Run Reigate (16 September) is just a few weeks away and that, to allow the event to take place, we will clear our road works between the end of Friday 14 September and Monday 17 September.  However the event organisers have put traffic management in place that will affect access to these roads. Please visit Run Reigate resident information for more details.

18 July 2018

We are now starting phase 2 of the works - Lonesome Lane Bridge to Lonesome Lane Farm. Due to the narrow nature of the road and the need to consider the safety of those working on the project, as well as other road users, we have to put a road closure in place staring 23 July until we move onto the next phases (3a/3b).

At phase 2 there will be no customer impact within the closure, however, it will not be possible for road users to go through and a diversion route will be put in place. We will display information boards in the affected areas before any closure is put in place. Details of the full diversion route, which has been agreed with Surrey Highways, can be viewed on this plan.

Our delivery partner Clancy Docwra will take advantage of the longer daylight hours and work weekends when required.

Surrey Highways has told us to stand-down for the Run Reigate event between the 10 -16 September 2018 and so during this period the road will re-open to all traffic.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience our essential works may cause and thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation going forward.

18 June 2018

Work is well underway within Lonesome Lane, with the main area of activity north towards Reigate from the junction of Lodge Lane.

This is a narrow road and so we are unable to maintain the legal distance for two-way traffic flows. For this reason, we are currently using two-way traffic signals to manage the traffic.

Thank you for your continued co-operation and patience during this project.

24 May 2018

Work has now started in Lonesome Lane with the main work front located near the junction of Lodge Lane working north towards Reigate. To manage traffic flows we are currently using two-way traffic signals.

Thank you for your continued co-operation and patience.


Why is this work necessary?

We have had a number of bursts and leaks in the area over recent years leaving customers without water and causing disruption through emergency road works.

The scheme will involve replacing the existing 3” water main which is nearing the end of its operational life and can no longer cope with the demand. 


What does it involve?

The project will involve laying approximately 2570m of new 250mm main along Lonesome Lane and Meath Green Lane.

This booklet explains the four stages needed to lay a water main and answers some key questions customers sometimes ask; such as, why their road hasn’t been fully restored or why we start excavating again so soon after having completed laying a water main.


Traffic management

Due to the location of the existing water main, and a number of other utilities already in the ground, we will be required to work in the public highway. Therefore, traffic management will be required to keep residents, motorists and our workforce safe. This will include the following:

  • Temporary traffic signals
  • Road closures
  • Junction closures
  • Bus stop closures

Road closures are used when we are unable to provide the required legal distances around our works. When this is the case the road will be closed in 100-150-meter sections at a time and within these sections the road will be fully reinstated before we move on to the next phase. Access to property driveways within a closed section will be provided throughout.


Timetable of work 

The project will be split into four phases, which will run one after the other according to the table below. Click here for the diversion plan.

  From To Traffic Management Dates
PHASE 1 Lodge Lane Junction Lonesome Lane Bridge Two-way Traffic Lights May - Jul 2018
PHASE 2 Lonesome Lane Bridge Lonesome Lane Bridge Road Closure Jul - Aug 2018
PHASE 3a Lodge Lane Junction Burstow Stream Road Closure Aug - Nov 2018
PHASE 3b Burstow Stream Meath Green House Road Closure Nov 2018 - Jan 2019


Keeping you informed

Our delivery partner Clancy Docwra will be working 7:30am to 5pm Monday to Friday and weekends if and when required.

Detailed information on our progress and traffic management updates will be available regularly on the following channels:

For further information or to discuss your individual needs, please contact our Operations Customer Services team on 01737 772000, option 1 or you can email the team

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