Value for money

On average our customers spend just 50p a day on their drinking water.

You can find more information on how this money is spent effectively in the Water & You leaflet enclosed with your bill.  

As well as making sure we provide value for money to our customers, we've made some other important promises which you can read in in more detail in our performance summary.

Our customer commitments

Aim 1) To provide a reliable and sufficient supply of safe, high quality drinking water - Supply interruptions lasting over three hours were 30% fewer than in the previous year.

Aim 2) Offer good value for money and keep bills at a fair and reasonable level - Just 6.3 per cent of customers thought that their water bill was not good value for money

Aim 3) Increase the resilience of our network to drought, flooding and equipment failure - No supply restrictions were put in place and over 11 kilometres of mains were replaced.

Aim 4) Deliver consistently high levels of service - 92.3 per cent of customers - more than last year – were satisfied with their water supply.

Aim 5) Reduce our impact on the environment while seeking to make a positive contribution to its quality - We significantly reduced our greenhouse gas emissions and engaged with over 10,000 people through our education programme.