WaterSure Tariff

You may qualify for a lower bill under the WaterSure Tariff if your property has a water meter and:

  • someone who lives there receives specified benefits or tax credits, and
  • you have three or more dependent children under 19 living with you, or
  • you or another person living with you suffers from a qualifying medical condition which causes them to use significantly more water.

Under this scheme, customers who could face severe hardship as a result of paying for water on a measured basis will have their bill capped as if it was an average household bill. They then pay whichever bill is lower - the one based on actual usage, or the average bill.

To find out more, call our Customer Services team on 01737 772000 or download our Fact Sheet by clicking on the link below. To apply for your household to be put on this Tariff, download, complete and return the application form below.