Water and Wastewater charges

There are two services which are paid for in water charges. The first is for the provision of clean water and the second is for the removal of wastewater. We don't physically provide the second service. Depending on where you live, this is provided by Thames Water (whose charges we include in your bill), or Southern Water (who bill you direct).

Charges from April 2018

The amount we charge you for clean water and the quality of the service we provide is regulated by Ofwat. Charges change on 1 April each year. Charges that apply from 1 April 2018 are explained in our Household Water Charges Scheme 2018-19 and our 2018-19 Charges leafletOur statement of significant year-on-year changes provides a summary of the change in charges that will apply from 1 April.




Having a water meter means you only pay for the water you use.  An additional standing charge covers related costs such as meter reading, maintenance and replacement.  Your sewerage charges are based on the reading taken from the same meter.

Our region is divided into three areas: Northern Area 1, Northern Area 2 and Southern Area. Your bill indicates which area you are in. Click the relevant link for the charges in your area.

Most metered customers can now find out if their household is water efficient by using the water use graphs and comparison tables shown on their bill. If you want to find out more on how to understand this information, click on the link below.

If you are struggling to pay your measured water bill because you have a large family, or you or someone living with you has a medical condition that causes them to use significantly more water than normal, you may be eligible for our WaterSure Tariff. Click here for more details.

If your property does not have a water meter we refer to you as an 'unmeasured customer', and we calculate your water bill in one of two different ways dependent upon where you live.

Licence fee

All unmeasured customers in Northern Area 1 (formerly the Sutton District Water Company) pay the annual water licence fee.  For sewerage in this area, charges are either based on a meter or the rateable value system described below.  We collect these charges on behalf of Thames Water.

Rateable value

For customers in our other charging areas, we calculate your bill by applying a 'rate per pound' to the Rateable Value (RV) of your home. RVs were set by the Government's Valuation Office prior to the introduction of Council Tax in 1990 and cannot now be changed.

Different charge rates exist for water services and for wastewater services. Each of these is expressed as 'pence in the pound' and vary depending on where you live.  There is also an annual 'fixed charge'

Unmeasured customers with smaller-sized swimming pools pay an additional charge.  If you have a larger pool it is likely that we will require you to have a water meter.


Our region is divided into three areas: Northern Area 1, Northern Area 2 and Southern Area. Your bill indicates which area you are in. Click on the relevant link below to see the charges in your area.

Many of our customers could actually reduce their water charges by having a water meter fitted.  For more information on our household meter option scheme have a look at our water meter page.

If you have asked for a water meter at your property but we are unable to fit one, then you may be eligible for our Assessed Household Charge. Under this arrangement we simply charge one fixed annual amount for water services.  The charge is the same irrespective of which charging area you live in (your bill will tell you which area this is).

If your sewerage service is provided by Thames Water, wastewater charges will be shown on the same water bill.  The Thames Water assessed charge for sewerage is dependent upon the size of your property and is calculated on charging bands as follows:

  • Band 1 - Single occupiers
  • Band 2 - Studio/1 bedroom properties
  • Band 3 - 2 bedroom properties
  • Band 4 - 3 bedroom properties
  • Band 5 - 4 bedroom properties
  • Band 6 - Properties with five or more bedrooms

Click on the following links to see the Assessed Household Charges in your area.

You may qualify for a lower bill under the WaterSure Tariff if your property has a water meter and:

  • someone who lives there receives specified benefits or tax credits, and
  • you have three or more dependent children under 19 living with you, or
  • you or another person living with you suffers from a qualifying medical condition which causes them to use significantly more water.

Under this scheme, customers who could face severe hardship as a result of paying for water on a measured basis will have their bill capped as if it was an average household bill. They then pay whichever bill is lower - the one based on actual usage, or the average bill.

To find out more, call our Customer Services team on 01737 772000 or download our Fact Sheet by clicking on the link below. To apply for your household to be put on this Tariff, download, complete and return the application form below.