Helping Hand Scheme and Priority Services Register

When you need support we’re here to help

Our Priority Services Register and Helping Hand Scheme enables us to offer you extra assistance if you suffer from ill health, have a disability or have young children living with you.

The services we can offer include:

  • Individual notification in emergencies
    For vulnerable customers in emergencies, we will let you know as soon as possible if your water supply is turned off
  • Braille, large print and audio/CD services
    For visually impaired customers.
  • Text Relay Service
    Text Relay connects people using a textphone with people using a telephone or another textphone. It aids customers with impaired hearing. For more information go to
  • Home dialysis users and patients convalescing at home. 
  • Password Scheme  
    Setting up a password to protect from bogus callers.
  • Bogus Callers
    Advice on how to avoid becoming a victim.
  • Nominated correspondent
    When you would like someone to speak on your behalf.
  • WaterSure Scheme
    For low-income households.


* Utilities include gas and electricity suppliers, the networks companies who transport energy to your home and meter operators and water and sewerage companies.

** Partners/parties include trusted charities such as the British Red Cross, who may assist during incident situations to support companies in safeguarding you and other household members.

To join the Priority Services Register, call us on 01737 772000 to speak to a member of our Priority Services team. 

If you require additional help from us, you may also need help from your gas and electricity suppliers. Energy companies offer schemes and support similar to ours, for example password schemes or getting bills in large print or braille.  Please contact your gas and electricity suppliers for more information on how they may be able to help.

Download our leaflet

The leaflet "Our Helping Hand Scheme" is available to download in PDF format right here.



We operate a password scheme to help prevent bogus callers – people who pretend to be from your water company, or ‘the water board’ – getting into your home.

You can set up a password (only known to you and ourselves) to use when one of our representatives calls. So if a caller claims to be from our company but doesn’t know your password, don't let them in.

Genuine SES Water staff are always happy to wait for you to check with us if you have any doubts. But if doubt still remains, call the police.

To set up your individual password fill in our online form.

Remember: if a caller claims to be from 'The Water Board' NEVER let them in! There hasn’t been a water board for more than 30 years!