Change your account details

If any of the information we hold about you changes, for example your name or address, then don't worry. You can always use our website to inform us of any changes.

To use our online forms, we will need your account number. You can find your account number on any Sutton and East Surrey Water bill.

Change the name on your account

If you have recently changed your name or you would like us to use any other names on your account, let us know using our "About your account" form.  We are happy to update a marital name without further information.  However, in most other cases, we will need to see proof of occupancy in order to change a name on an account and you will need to send this to us.  Typically this means a Council Tax bill and another utility bill.

Change your supply address

If you have recently moved home, you can let us know using one of our "Moving home" forms. Whether you're moving into our supply area, moving within our supply area, or out of our supply area, you can tell us quickly and easily online.

Change your billing address

If we send your bill to a different property to the one being supplied (for example, if you are a landlord responsible for the supplied property's water charges) you can let us know if this address changes online too. You can inform us of this using our "About your account" form. Just tell us in your message that your billing address has changed, and what it has changed from and to.

Change your payment method

You may wish to change your payment method. Sutton and East Surrey Water offer a range of methods to allow you to pay your bill. For more information, see our "Paying your Bill" section. You can now apply for a Direct Debit online on our website too.