Metering for Business Properties

Our policy is to install water meters on all business properties - by which we mean all non-household premises including shops, schools, farms and offices - as long as it is practicable to do so. Most of these properties in our supply area are already on a metered tariff, and are charged based on the meter readings collected either monthly or 6-monthly. 

As well as being a fairer way to pay, having a meter fitted means that you can track your consumption and can reduce your bill by using water more efficiently and fixing leaks. We know that metered properties use less water which benefits both the environment - especially rivers and wetlands - and ourselves as it preserves our water resources. More information is available in our Metering for Businesses factsheet and our Saving Water in the Workplace page.

We have a programme of installing meters on those remaining business properties which are still unmetered. We will notify these customers several weeks in advance of the meter being installed. If you have received a letter and wish to discuss this further, you can email us at You can also contact us if you would like to have a meter installed.