Your water quality report

For water quality monitoring and reporting purposes our supply area is divided into 20 water supply zones. We produce an annual summary report for each zone, including test results for substances such as bacteria, nitrate, pH, taste and lead. Average water hardness figures are added to the report.

To access the report for your area, simply click on the map or use the boxes below to search by full postcode or supply zone.

We recommend you read our customer information sheet, "Your water quality report explained". It explains the layouts of the reports and what the different terms mean.

Graphic:Map. Click on a Supply Zone to download the PDF report

Zone L01 Zone L02 Zone L02 Zone L03 Zone L04 Zone L04 Zone L04 Zone L05 Zone L07 Zone L08 Zone L09 Zone L11 Zone L12 Zone L13 Zone L14 Zone L16 Zone L17 Zone L18 Zone L19 Zone L20 Zone L21 Zone L21 Zone L22 Zone L24 Zone L24

To search for your water quality report, please click on the map above, or use one of the two boxes below.