Water in your home

The water we supply is high quality but once it enters your home it can deteriorate due to the condition of pipes and fittings.

Lead dissolving into drinking water from lead pipes can be harmful if it builds up in the body – especially for babies and children, whose development can be affected. Our drinking water is of the highest quality and does not contain naturally occurring lead. However, if the water passes through a customer’s lead pipes, or someone has used lead solder on pipes supplying drinking water - which is illegal - the lead can dissolve into the drinking water. The use of lead in plumbing has been banned in the UK for more than 25 years, and houses built before 1970 are most likely to have lead pipes. You can find out more on WaterSafe's website about how to check if you have lead pipes and much more.

We encourage anyone having work done on their household plumbing to use trusted and qualified plumbers, registered with the industry body WaterSafe. These plumbers have undergone specific training in the Water Fitting Regulations and Byelaws which are designed to keep customers’ drinking water safe and in the same quality condition that is supplied to their home or business.


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Find out more about lead in drinking water with our helpful factsheet or for advice on keeping the water in your home at its best, download the water industry guide 'Looking after water in your home' - it includes everything from tips on tap hygiene to advice on safe water storage and how to prepare for winter.

There are regulations which specify how plumbing systems should be designed and maintained without causing contamination or wastage. For more information go to our Water Fittings Regulations section. You will also find details of the Water Industry Approved Plumbers Scheme, which contains a list of local plumbers who have a qualification in Regulations compliance.


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