Drinking water standards

All drinking water in the UK has to comply with stringent standards set by the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations, which incorporate the requirements of the European Drinking Water Directive.

Compliance in England and Wales is strictly monitored by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI). The DWI independently reviews all water companies' test results and audits their water quality testing laboratories.

The DWI publishes an annual report, which summarises the water quality standards achieved both by regions and individual water companies. This enables consumers to check their water supplier's performance and to find out about events and incidents which must be notified to the DWI.

To find out more about drinking water standards and to access the DWI's latest annual report, go to www.dwi.gov.uk.

Water quality reports


We produce annual reports for the 20 supply zones in our area. You can now find out about the water quality where you live online.

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