Water meters

We are fitting water meters across our supply area to encourage customers to save water, save money and do their bit for the environment.

Water wise

The South East of England is classed as a water-stressed area - there is less rain per person than Morocco - and our customers use more water than average in the UK. That’s why we plan to meter most homes over the next few years, bringing us in line with other companies in the south east and helping to reduce consumption.

We manage our water resources carefully to meet the needs of our customers and our local environment; water is needed for wildlife, wetlands and maintaining river levels.  Water needs to be used wisely so that we can help limit waste and ensure a good supply of water is available into the future.  

Money wise

“Having a meter means I only pay for the water I use which has reduced how much I spend. Compared to other bills, I pay a very small amount for water which means I am better able to manage my finances and treat my family.”  Mrs Kiely, a customer from Sutton.

Water meters are widely accepted as the fairest way of charging for water, because you pay for what you use. A meter gives you control over how much water you use and therefore over the size of your bill.  Without a meter you could be paying more than you need to – this year the average bill for those with a meter is £44 lower than those without.

You could make some surprising savings. To help you estimate the amount your household uses - and the size of your bill if you had a meter fitted - simply complete our Savings Engine.

Meter wise

To apply for a meter fill in our online application form or call our Customer Services team on 01737 772000.  

We guarantee that you won’t pay more for your water as a result of having a meter fitted by capping your bill up until 31 March 2021. Please note:

  • The guarantee does not apply to meters fitted under our Change of Occupancy Metering scheme or where a meter would be required because you use a garden sprinkler, automatic garden watering device or automatic top-up of a swimming pool. 
  • Sewerage charges are not included in the guarantee.

  • See here for answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about switching.                       

Water meters are also installed:

When you move house: since 2010, our metering policy (as agreed with Ofwat) is to install meters when the bill payer tells us they are moving out of a property. This includes both owner-occupier and tenanted properties. Download our Change of Occupancy Metering factsheet for more information.

In new properties, newly converted homes or when building an extension: upgrading the supply connection to a property includes fitting a water meter.

Where water use is high - those with a sprinkler, other automatic garden watering device or a specific category of swimming pool: the Water Industry Act 1991 allows us to install water meters in these cases and it is our policy to do so. Please contact our Customer Services team on 01737 772000 if you use one of these and are unmetered. 

Enhanced Optant Programme

It is also our policy to fit a meter when we carry out work such as a new connection to a water main, stopcock repair, supply pipe replacement or leak repair - under this programme (known as Enhanced Optant) customers have a choice about whether they wish to switch to measured charges.

If you want to know more about any aspect of water metering, please contact our Customer Services team using our online form or by calling 01737 772000.


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