Why do we need to save water?

Everyone can use water wisely. We are committed to being water efficient by tackling leakage and installing more water meters across our region, but we need residents to help by being careful with the amount of water used in their home. Why is this?

  • The amount of our water available to take from our rivers and boreholes depends on the amount of rain we receive. Did you know that south-east England receives 50% less rainfall than the rest of the UK?
  • In our area each person uses around 160 litres a day, higher than the UK average - that would be the same as delivering 675 pints every day to each household.
  • Treating and distributing water takes large amounts of energy, with even more needed in the home to heat water for bathing and showering.
  • To keep our rivers and wetlands healthy, and so protect their wildlife habitats, we need to limit the amount of water we abstract.