Which device do I need for my toilet?

Modern toilets flush using only four to six litres, compared to older toilet cisterns which can use up to 13 litres. So updating your toilet can reduce your water use.

If updating isn’t an option, older toilets can easily be made more efficient by adding a 'Hippo' or 'Save-a-flush' bag. Fitted in minutes, these take up space in the cistern so less water is needed.

For cisterns of at least 7.5 litres (installed between 1991 and 2001), a 'Save-a-flush' is suitable, saving one litre per flush.

For cisterns of nine litres or greater (installed before 1991) use a 'Hippo' to save 2-3 litres per flush.

Water saving devices should not be used in dual flush toilets or ones with six-litre capacity or less, or those with push buttons.

To see how to fit your device, take a look at our How To Videos.