Low water pressure

Sudden loss of water pressure generally means a burst pipe or major blockage. Slowly reducing pressure usually means a growing leak or blockage.

Fluctuations in pressure can occur on shared service pipes which supply several properties, particularly if they are deteriorating due to old age. The deeds for your premises should show whether you have a shared service pipe.

We offer a free water pressure checking service during normal working hours. If the low pressure is our responsibility, we will take action. If not, we will advise you what to do.  Contact our Customer Service team to arrange for one of our Inspectors to visit.

Pressure and flow rates can be affected by:

  • condition, size and length of service pipes
  • height of the premises above the water main and its local service reservoir
  • sharing of a service pipe with other premises
  • peak demand conditions

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Typical water pressure

The Water Industry Act defines the minimum level of service that should be provided for a water supply. For single supplies, we must ensure that we provide a flow rate of 9 litres per minute at a pressure of 10 metres. This flow rate is equivalent to filling a one-gallon bucket in 30 seconds. The pressure ensures that the supply can fill a storage tank at second floor roof level.