Notification of Proposed Work to Plumbing Systems Form

This form should be used to notify us of plumbing work, except the erection of a new property. See the table below to decide whether the work is notifiable.

Items marked * must be filled in.


New Existing



What type of work requires notification?

Under the Regulations, you are required to notify us before you begin working on the categories of work listed below.

We will advise you within 10 working days whether we give consent, or if there are conditions on which consent is granted. In some cases additional information may be needed. We will not withhold consent unreasonably.

1. The erection of a building or other structure, not being a pond or swimming pool.
2. The extension or alteration of a water system on any premises other than a house*.
3. A material change of use of any premises.
4. The installation of-
(a) a bath having a capacity, as measured to the centre line of overflow, of more than 230 litres;
(b) bidet with an ascending spray or flexible hose*;
(c) a shower unit with more than one showerhead within a single unit, not being a drench shower installed for reasons of safety or health, connected directly or indirectly to a supply pipe;
(d) a pump or booster drawing more than 12 litres per minute, connected directly or indirectly to a supply pipe;
(e) a unit which incorporates reverse osmosis;
(f) a water treatment unit which produces a waste water discharge or which requires the use of water for regeneration or cleaning;
(g) a reduced pressure zone valve assembly or other mechanical device for protection against a fluid which is in fluid category 4 or 5*;
(h) a garden watering system unless designed to be operated by hand; or
(i) any water system laid outside a building and either less than 750mm or more than 1350mm below ground level.
5. The construction of a pond or swimming pool with a capacity greater than 10,000 litres which is designed to be replenished by automatic means and is to be filled with water supplied by a water undertaker.

* This type of work does not require prior notification if using an approved contractor. For more details of approved contractors in our area click here.