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F01 Enquiries

Items marked * must be filled in.

1. Retailer details

2. Eligible premises details

3. Drinking water enquiries or concerns

Please tick below if the enquiry relates to any of the following and the Retailer cannot answer the enquiry by directing the Non-Household Customer to public sources or providing it with information that is publicly available

An enquiry about the composition of the water supplied, including any routine enquiry about drinking water quality which does not indicate a Drinking Water Supply Change

Request for information about fluoride levels

Request for information about water hardness

Request for obtaining a water quality report

Request for information about the water supplied, including information about how the water is treated, applicable drinking water quality standards or how drinking water is regulated

The drinking water quality available to pets and other animals such as zoos

Levels of lead within the water, e.g. any lead analysis report

Water quality prompted by information which the Non-Household Customer has received from public sources

The Wholesaler's management of any unplanned change, including any concern relating to information provided by the Wholesaler in the course of its management

4. Details of enquiry

5. Consent to contact the Non-Household Customer

The Wholesaler may wish to contact the Non-Household Customer to arrange a visit to the premises. Please indicate whether you give consent for the Wholesaler to contact the Non-Household Customer directly to arrange a visit to the premises

Yes Please provide contact details below


Customer contact details

Please indicate if you want to be notified of the date of any visit



6. Declaration

I hereby acknowledge and declare that the information provided in this form is correct to the best of my knowledge and up to date at the time of submission.


Date (dd/mm/yyyy)

Full name (in capitals)

Role in the company or job title