Connection Charges

Effective from 1 April 2019

Please see below our standard charges for installing new water service connections for pipes up to 25mm in diameter.  These prices apply to quotes issued on or after 1 April 2019.  All quotations are valid for three months and are payable in advance.

Please note, any customer-led variation to the costs associated with the connection will be payable by the applicant.

Connection Charges

The connection charges shown are for 25mm (20mm internal diameter) medium density polyethylene (MDPE) supplies.  This charge includes the work we will carry out to excavate, connect and reinstate (if required) the new water supply to our main.  It also includes the installation of a stop valve, boundary box and water meter.

You will need to excavate the pipework on your property so it is visible in order for the connection to be made.  Please see our factsheet “Laying a New Water Supply Pipe” for more information on the water regulation requirements for laying your new supply.  There will be a charge for metering an existing supply should you require a temporary water supply for construction purposes.  Please click here to view our current charges scheme.

Additional pipelaying charge per metre

This charge covers the materials, excavation, backfill and reinstatement required per linear metre of pipe laid.  Lengths of less than a whole metre will be rounded to the nearest metre.


Manifold connections can be installed to reduce the need for multiple connections.  They are only suitable where there is enough space for the larger chamber and where all customer supply pipes are laid out to the same point.  Please note that manifold can only accommodate 25mm (20mm internal diameter) connections.

Charges for new service connections

Our prices do not include:

Infrastructure Charges

Infrastructure charges must be paid in addition to the cost of new service connections.  For more information please click here.


Where developments require mainlaying in order to provide an adequate supply, the developer will have to contribute towards the cost.  This will be quoted for separately where required.

Traffic Management

We are required to carry out traffic management to ensure that our work can be carried out in a safe way for the contractors, and to ensure the flow of road and pedestrian traffic is disrupted as little as possible.  Traffic management can include, but is not exhaustive to: road closures, lane closures, lane rental, parking bay suspension and traffic management drawings.

Parking bays including residential bays and loading bays may require suspension for us to be able to work safely outside your property.  The number of bays either side of the road will be determined by SES Water and our contractor, which is dependent upon the width of the road, the location of the water main, and to ensure the flow of traffic can be maintained around our works and vehicles safely.

SES Water incur these additional charges from the Local Authority and these charges must be paid to them which are an additional cost of completing your work.  These additional charges are incorporated into your quotation where applicable.

Development classification for VAT purposes

We use HM Revenue & Customs’ interpretation of VAT legislation as our guide on how to correctly charge VAT on the services we provide.  Our work attracts a different rate of VAT according to the type of service we are supplying, the type of property involved and where the work is being carried out.  In most cases VAT is applicable either at standard or zero rate.

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