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Innovation - How you can help

Innovation is about collaboration. At SES Water, we are always interested in hearing how you would be able to assist us with our innovation. This could be in any of the following ways:


  • As a supplier – we would be interested in hearing what solutions you have that you think would help us.

  • As an innovation start up – If you’re developing a new solution and are looking for a partner to assist with development and trials.

  • As a customer – if you would be interested in assisting us with testing and trials of new solutions, or in simply providing feedback on our innovation ideas.


If you think you can help us, then please use the link below which will generate an e-mail, which will be sent through to Jeremy Heath, our Innovation Manager.


Contact Jeremy Heath by clicking here


Aims and Commitments


If you’re a supplier or innovation start-up, we would be particularly interested in your solution if you are able to match it over to our current aims and commitments, and there is a section on the e-mail that will allow you to list which of these you think are relevant. A list of our aims and commitments can be found below.

At PR14, Ofwat introduced an outcomes-based framework, which involved extensive customer engagement and companies setting their own outcomes, measures, targets and incentives alongside challenge from Customer Challenge Groups (CCGs).

SES Water have five aims, which are shown below, and these are tied to a number of outcomes, which the Company has committed to. Some of these commitments have a financial incentive, whilst others are reputational. You can read more about these aims and commitments and how we are performing against them here. If you are able to assist us in meeting these commitments, then we would certainly be interested in hearing from you.

Current aims and commitments

Provide a reliable and sufficient supply of safe high quality drinking water

Security of Supply Index (SoSI) dry year average

 SoSI critical period

Minimising supply interruptions

Condition of mains network

Drinking water inspectorates Index of Water Quality

Number of contacts about taste, odour and discolouration

Water softening programme

Increasing the resilience of our network to drought, flooding and equipment failure

The number of times on average we have to impose restrictions on water use

Percentage of properties that are connected to more than one treatment works

Reducing our impact on the environment while seeking to make a positive contribution to its quality

Levels of leakage measured in litres per day

Per capita consumption in litres per day

Children and adults engaged in environmental education

Greenhouse gas emissions per millions litres of water supplied

Number of severe pollution incidents

Environmental Directives

Offering good value for money and keeping bills at a fair and reasonable level

Number of customers in water poverty

Effectiveness of bad debt recovery

Customer perception of value for money

Delivering consistently high levels of service

Customer satisfaction

SIM (Service Incentive Measure)

Total number of complaints