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SES Water has a long history of innovation within the UK Water Industry. From the early introduction of district metered areas in the 1980’s, through pioneering ultra violet water disinfection, and the use of android tablets for field staff, the Company has frequently been at the forefront of developments. In recent years, SES Water has taken steps to ensure that innovation remains a core part of the business. A strategic review carried out in 2015 identified innovation as one of the Company’s six key values. To reinforce and develop that value, and to ensure that an innovation culture was firmly embedded within the business, Jeremy Heath was appointed as Innovation Manager.

Jeremy has over 25 years’ experience in the Water Industry, and has a background in both mechanical engineering and database applications. He has worked for SES water for 20 years and in previous roles has managed water metering, leakage, GIS, remote working and network services. As a result, he has a good understanding of the problems facing the water industry and also the transformational power of innovative technical solutions. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences, with a particular interest in remote working, smart water metering and smart networks. He is recognised across the water sector as an expert in identifying and delivering innovative solutions.

Internally, SES Water has developed an innovation culture to foster and embrace innovation throughout the company. Employees are encouraged to submit innovation ideas, and suggestions with a complex cost and benefit analysis are evaluated by cross departmental innovation project teams, which include the original idea owner.

Employees are kept informed of innovation projects using a custom infographic called an Innovation Step Filter (ISF). The ISF’s are developed at a departmental level and show not only the innovations planned and developed by that department, but also the impact that other departments innovation will have on them. This assists managers with planning, and helps manage staff expectations, whilst also keeping them informed of innovation projects at all stages of the Technology Readiness Levels.

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