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Saving Water Workshop

Duration: one hour


Every drop counts

Water is a precious resource. We all need to learn how to preserve it if there's going to be enough to go around. Find out why we need to save water and get some practical ideas on how to start saving water.

This workshop is designed as a maths based activity to prove that saving water works.

Curriculum links: QCA Geography Unit 11, Sustainability and PHSCE, Mathematics.

In this workshop we:

  • Calculate how much a water-wasting family uses
  • Identify ways they could save water
  • Recalculate the amount of water used
  • Pledge to make changes at home

Each pupil receives a copy of our Every drop counts leaflet, a bookmark with saving water tips and either a toothbrush or a plastic beaker with a Saving Water message. We also leave some of our 'Splash or Save' board games and a copy of our Teachers Resource Pack, which is packed full of classroom based activities.

We also offer a Saving Water Assembly.

We look forward to seeing you!


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