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Our educational programme

As well as treating and supplying our customers with water, we feel it’s really important to educate adults and children alike about the value of this most precious resource. We think it is essential that as good citizens, everyone knows where water comes from, understands its importance and the pressures our water resources are under.

Schools – the next generation of water customers

Please contact us to see how our dedicated team of DBS checked education tutors can support your pupils in learning about water.

For example, we offer a full day visit to Bough Beech Reservoir and Water Treatment Works where our experts will bring the water treatment process to life on a massive scale. Visitors can climb the dam, walk through the tunnel under the reservoir, see the processes close up and learn how to save water.

Additionally, we offer assemblies, interactive talks and workshops covering: where our water comes from, the water cycle, water treatment, how much water we each use, why we need to save water and how this can be achieved – all of which can be tailored to suit your needs. We can also help you on your way to achieving an Eco Schools award.

Our programme is constantly evolving and can be modified to suit your particular requirements but as an example possible talks might include:

Keystage One

Environmental talk – where our water comes from, what might live in the water, why this water needs treating before we can drink it, what we use water for and how to save water, including a simplified practical water treatment demonstration

Keystage Two

Water treatment – a preparatory talk before a visit to Bough Beech, including a practical water treatment demonstration

Water - a precious resource - a more general talk for those not able to visit Bough Beech covering the water cycle, current rainfall, boreholes and rivers, water treatment and distribution, water efficiency - why and how, including a short practical water treatment demonstration

Saving Water Workshop – maths based activity to compare how much water is used by two families, one are water wasters and the other water savers and be inspired to save water

All Keystage Two teachers who book a talk or visit to Bough Beech will receive a copy of our all new 2017 educational resource pack full of background information and pupil activities. Pupils will receive either a shower timer or toothy timer as appropriate and very often a worksheet to complete.

Assemblies can also be designed to meet your needs.


Jacqui Lester, a teacher from Holland School in Oxted recently visited us with her pupils:

"Teachers and pupils from Holland School have been visiting Bough Beech Reservoir as part of the education programme for the last ten years. Not only do the children find it fascinating to see the water treatment process and the equipment that is used, us teachers also take away lots from the visit too! We were all surprised to learn about how much water we waste each day in this country. It was a real eye-opener and something that will definitely influence my approach to saving water in the future. The children particularly enjoyed climbing the dam and seeing the huge reservoir; the sheer scale of it totally took their breath away. They also loved venturing under the reservoir and listening to the water in the pipes. The visit is a fantastic way to cover a number of objectives in the national curriculum, including developing the children's understanding of the water cycle and how water is processed and distributed. We also use the visit to build upon other geographical skills including map work. As well as covering key elements of the curriculum, the visit highlights the importance of water efficiency. I am sure SES Water would be glad to hear that visit after visit the majority of the children retain a large proportion of the facts relating to water wastage really well. This goes to show how interested and engaged the children are and I am sure this kind of impact will stay with them into adulthood."


Keystage Three and Four

H2Own it! is a student led cross-curricular project for Key Stage three and four students which focuses on water usage in the home with an emphasis on understanding the pressures on supply/demand and why the current levels of water use are unsustainable. It addresses many areas of the National Curriculum including Geography (water cycle, climate change, current environmental issues), Earth and atmospheric science, Mathematics, IT, Citizenship and Global awareness. As well as raising awareness about the issues surrounding our current water use, students will develop independent and collaborative working skills, collect and analyse real data, research and manage their own project, as well as hone their communication and presentational skills.

The Water Supply Challenge models the planning involved in water supply and culminates in building a network of pipes and actually transporting water!

If your school is within our supply area then you are eligible for our FREE educational support. Don’t take our word for it, come and see for yourself, we are happy to host exploratory teacher visits by arrangement.


Other children’s groups

We also welcome requests from brownies, cubs, scouts and guide group leaders within our supply area, as well as other children’s clubs and activity leaders.

Other educational activities

As well as our schools programme, we are keen to share our messages with other audiences. For instance, during the summer holidays we host Family Fun Days at Bough Beech where children and adults can visit the reservoir and get involved in lots of activities and learn more about water. Places are limited and advertised well in advance.

We also offer our ‘Wise about Water’ talk for older audiences which covers water efficiency, how to save money and the importance of staying hydrated.

To discuss your requirements either email the Communications Team communications@seswater.co.uk or call our Education Co-ordinator on 07824 635581.

Useful links:

Geology map of the area

Latest rainfall figures

River Eden area map


For help with planning your trip, arranging a risk assessment visit, or for more information, please email our Education Coordinator Jo Hedges. You can also call her on 07824 635581, or complete our Education Request Form.

Our Educational Programme has been awarded a Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge from the Department of Education

SES Water working together with Eco-Schools to help support schools to Green Flag.