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Water Resources Market Information

This information is to help businesses and organisations identify new opportunities in providing, managing or developing services related to new water resources, demand management or leakage.

The data tables are based on our revised draft Water Resource Management Plan 2019 which was published in September 2018. When our final plan is published, the tables will be updated.

There are two sets of data, the first relates to average demand and supply conditions over each year of the plan, whereas the second set is based on our 'critical period' during the summer when demand reaches a peak.

We will assess any proposals according to the criteria set out in the Bid Assessment Framework document. 

Data files to download

Water-resources-market-information - Annual Average.xlsx

Water-resources-market-information - Critical Period.xlsx

Bid Assessment Framework (pdf file)


Supply Area

We have provided files of our supply area to show the geographical extent of our network. These can be imported into most mapping systems.

SES Water Boundary.zip