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All life depends upon water. Winter rainfall helps recharge the underground reserves, lakes and rivers from which we take the water our customers need, which is then treated and supplied through our network of pipes and service reservoirs. 

But rainfall is unpredictable. Within the past decade  we suffered the worst drought for 100 years, and in 2012 resources were also very low. Over the years more water has been taken from the environment as the population grows and consumption increases.

The need to conserve water to protect our environment and the wildlife it supports has never been greater, so we are active and involved in many ways:

We manage our impact on the Environment
Our Environmental Policy details how we assess the effect of our business activities on the local and global environment.

We keep to the rules
We work closely with the Environment Agency (EA), which regulates the extraction of water from underground aquifers, lakes and rivers.

We manage demand
We control leakage from our extensive network of water mains and pipes to a level lower than required by Ofwat. We are increasing the number of households who pay for their water supplies on a metered basis. Thirdly, we provide water efficiency advice and devices to householders, businesses and organisations.

We help conserve wetlands and wildlife
We often undertake or support local restoration and conservation projects. Our latest work is at Blindley Heath ponds.

We support sustainability
We continue to be involved with major pioneering projects, locally and nationally, to promote sustainability and water saving in the home. For more information, go to Water efficiency projects.

We teach environmental awareness
Check the activities of our Schools educational programme.