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We have supported The Children’s Trust in Tadworth since 2010.

The Trust, which specialises in treating children with the most serious brain injuries and multiple disabilities, has been based in the heart of the company’s supply area for more than 25 years. Before becoming an independent charity it was the country branch of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The support we provide includes sending out a lottery leaflet to our customers in their annual bills; holding staff events to raise funds; supporting fund raising events and providing the Trust with advice on water efficiency.

“We have always admired the vital work of the Trust and welcome the opportunity to provide practical and fund raising support,” said Anthony Ferrar, Sutton and East Surrey Water’s Managing Director.

Find out more information about The Children’s Trust and ways you can support the charity at   

You can help too


You can also donate to The Children's Trust online via their website. A donation of just £5 a month could help cover the costs of mini trips to take the children on outings.

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