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What is Catchment Management?

Catchment Management aims to prevent pollution getting into raw water rather than relying on ‘end of pipe’ solutions i.e. water treatment processes.

SES Water has made a commitment, in line with objectives outlined in the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD), to support Catchment Management as a means of improving the quality of surface and groundwaters used as sources of drinking water in our area. For more information on the Catchment based approach visit the CABA website.


 Our commitments:

  • We take regular samples from strategic points throughout the catchment to give us an in depth understanding of water quality risks
  • We work closely with relevant stakeholders including land owners, farmers, Environment Agency, other Water Companies, National Farmers Union, Natural England Rivers Trusts and Wildlife Trusts to help deliver environmental and water quality improvements
  • We investigate the sources of diffuse source pollution - examples of diffuse pollution include road run off, field run-off and flow from soil drains. These are difficult to identify as they consist of a large number of small and discreet sources.
  • We identify ‘high risk’ areas using GIS mapping techniques


For more information about our catchment contact to speak to our Catchment team.


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