Sewerage services

We only supply your water. We are not responsible for sewerage services. Depending on where you live, your sewerage service will be provided by either Thames Water or Southern Water.


Thames Water

We collect Thames Water's sewerage charges as part of our customer billing process. Sewerage charges will be included on your bill from us.

  • For sewerage problems in Thames Water's area, contact the 24-hour Customer Centre on 0845 920 0800. Click here to visit their website.

Southern Water

We do not collect Southern Water's sewerage charges. You will receive a separate bill for sewerage charges from Southern Water.

  • For sewerage problems in Southern Water's area, contact the 24-hour Customer Centre on 0845 278 0845. Click here to visit their website.

If your sewerage service is provided by Thames Water, there may be certain circumstances where you can make a claim for a rebate on your sewerage charges.

The tabbed sections below outline these circumstances and how you can make a claim.

Who supplies my sewerage service?

To find out if your sewerage services are provided by Thames Water or Southern Water, you can use our illustrated map. If you're still not sure, you can call our Customer Services team on 01737 772000, and we'll let you know.

See a map of sewerage services in our supply area (pdf)

For customers paying Thames Water wastewater charges

There can be a difference between the amount of water you use and the amount of effluent you discharge into the sewer system. Thames' wastewater abatement allowance takes these differences into consideration for customers who can prove that over ten per cent of their metered water usage is not returned to the sewer for treatment.

Their pricing structure for wastewater services already recognises that up to ten per cent of water used may not be returned to the mains sewer. However, customers who meet certain criteria can apply for the additional allowance.

Click here for more information and to make an application on Thames Water's website.

For customers paying Thames Water wastewater charges

Surface water is rainwater that falls on to your property and runs via guttering and drainpipes into the public sewer, or water that enters the sewer from activities such as car washing. Most customers are connected to a surface water sewer or combined sewer.

You can tell if you are connected to the public sewer by checking where your gutters lead. If there is evidence of a sewer close by - for instance, a heavy duty manhole cover - then it is likely that surface water from your property drains directly to the sewer, and a charge for this is incorporated in your fixed charges.

If your property is not connected to the surface water sewer - for example, if surface water drains into a watercourse, stream, river or soakaway - you may be eligible for a rebate. If you are receiving the rebate already, you will see "Surface water rebate" printed on your bill.

Please write or email us to claim a surface water rebate. Please note that claims must be submitted in writing and that the rebate cannot be backdated beyond the start of the billing year - 1st April - in which it is submitted. 

Click here to be taken to Thames Water's website for further information.