New infrastructure

Connecting water supplies to a new development will require new water mains in most cases.

A new water main extension is necessary for any development where the existing road network is being extended, irrespective of whether the new road will be adopted by the local highways authority. If the development you have applied for requires a new water mains extension then please see our Charging Arrangements for April 2019 to March 2020 . We cannot progress with producing quotations until we are in receipt of this payment.

A new main, and the services to each property, can either be laid by ourselves or an accredited Self-lay Provider. We fully support self-lay provision and adopt independently installed mains and services once they are commissioned so the supply to each property will, regardless of who does the work, be managed by ourselves. The following provides more information on the options available for self-lay of new mains:

The regulator Ofwat provides more information on the requisition and self-lay processes on its website at