Infrastructure charges

Any new property connected to the local water supply network has to pay an infrastructure charge. This ensures that the extra demand does not reduce the level of service currently enjoyed by other customers in the area. However, if you are just replacing 'like for like' you may not be charged.

Our Charging Arrangements for April 2019 to March 2020 gives detailed information in Section 5. Or, call our Customer Service team on 01737 772000 for further advice.

Our regulator, Ofwat, sets charging levels to make allowance for previous or multiple use of water at a site.  For further information please visit:

There are similar infrastructure charges for connection to the sewerage network.  If your new property is serviced for sewerage by Thames Water, we will also collect their charges at the same time as we bill you for the water infrastructure charge. Please see our page on sewerage charges for more information.