New Competitive Market 2017

Competition in the Water Industry is here


From 1 April 2017, all businesses, public sector, charitable and not-for-profit organisations in England will be able to choose their water supplier.  The Scottish water market has been open for competition since April 2008 and in Wales customers with a usage of more than 50,000 cubic metres per year can also choose their supplier.

The introduction of competition in the Water Industry is expected to bring wider choice and more tailored services, as well as lower prices for customers.

Customers will still be able to continue to use their existing Water Supplier if they choose to.  But they can easily change to a different one.  For more information visit or call us on 01737 772000.


How will Competition in the Water Industry Affect Me?


Competition in the Water Industry will affect non-household customers only; household customers are not affected.  Non-household customers could be small, medium and large businesses, charities or not-for-profit organisations.  These customers will be able to choose the water supplier that best meets their needs. This will encourage them to make their offering more attractive which could result in :

  • Lower water and sewage prices
  • Improved services
  • Greater water efficiency
  • More innovation in the industry


How will Competition in the Water Industry Work?


The network of water and sewerage pipes in a specific area is owned by each of the existing water providers. These water providers will act as the Wholesalers in the market, selling water and sewerage services to the water companies, known as Retailers. Having bought their wholesale services the Retailers can then bundle these services with other value-adding offerings and sell them to customers.

OFWAT is the water industry regulator and it exists to protect you, the customer, by monitoring Retailer and Wholesaler activity, prices and service.  A default price is set by OFWAT which will determine the upper limit for prices, but within that rate, Retailers’ prices may vary.


What will happen next ?


Look out for more information appearing over the coming months, on this website or with your bill.  This will tell you when you can start to make a decision as to who you would like to provide your water service in the future.  It will also tell you more about the terms and conditions on offer and the duration of any proposed contract.





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