Exclusive offers for businesses

This section is designed exclusively for business customers. It explains our range of discounted business tariffs for our large non-household customers, the range of free and discounted special services available with a Water Supply Agreement, and the benefits of our dedicated Key Account Management service.

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This section explains our range of discounted tariffs for business customers who use more than 10 megalitres (Ml) of water in a year at any one site. A megalitre is 1,000 cubic metres or 1,000,000 litres.

Business tariffs are available as an option – subject to eligibility – from the standard tariffs for large-use non-household customers. The tariffs combine discounted volumetric rates with a premium rate standing charge. Two tariffs are available:

Mid User - For customers using between 10 and 49 Ml in a single charging year at any one site.

High User - For customers using 50 or more Ml in a single charging year at any one site.

Auto-switch - We will automatically switch your account to the most beneficial tariff for your business usage - this includes switching your account back to the standard tariff should your consumption drop below the qualifying consumption threshold.

If you would like to find out how much your business could save, or if you would like more information, please call 01737 772000 and ask to speak to our Key Account Manager.

This section explains how you can get more from your water supplier with a Water Supply Agreement.

A Water Supply Agreement secures your water supply for years to come and you can benefit from an exclusive range of additional services, special discounted business tariffs, and preferential payment terms.

Additional Services

Addtional Services

† The provision of web-based data is subject to meter type and location and may not be practical at all customer sites.
* The provision of some or all of these services will be dependent on the nature of the customer’s business.

Due to the diversity of customer business types, it may not be possible to provide the complete range of additional services at every customer site. Our Water Supply Agreements are therefore tailored to suit your business requirements.

If you would like to find out how a Water Supply Agreement can help your business, or find out how much you could save by switching to a business tariff please call 01737 772000 and ask to speak to our Key Account Manager.