Talk on Water

Talk on Water is your opportunity to help us shape our future plans.

Water is essential in all our daily lives and in supporting a thriving economy and environment. But how much time do we actually spend thinking about water, how we use it and what we want from our water services?

We want to make improvements to the service we provide, but we want to make sure that we focus on the things that matter most to you and which will bring the biggest benefits to your family, community and local area.

We are currently developing our future plans which will set out the investment we make in our water supply network and the service improvements we will focus on; as well as setting bills for the period between 2020 to 2025. To make sure our plans deliver more for our customers, we have started the most far-reaching and comprehensive programme of engagement in our history.

We’d like you to get involved in helping us to improve and shape our future plans – that’s why we want you to Talk on Water.

Our Long Term Vision

As the world around us changes we need to make sure our services adapt and continue to improve. Our Long Term Vision sets out what we could differently in the future so we continue to provide you with a great service while keeping our bills affordable for all.  We’d like to hear what you think matters most in the future.

Business Plan 2020 to 2025

We are in the process of developing our Business Plan for 2020 to 2025. This is the plan that will determine how much you pay for your water over this period and the investment we will make in your services. Find out more about how we are developing our Business Plan.

Water Resources Management Plan

Our Water Resources Management Plan (WRMP) sets out how we will continue to provide you with reliable, healthy drinking water supplies.  It takes a long-term view, looking 60 years ahead to make sure we can meet future demand while protecting the environment we rely upon. 

Customer Scrutiny Panel

We have established a dedicated panel of local representatives to reflect the interests and expectations of our customers.  They are responsible for scrutinising and challenging the way in which we engage our customers in the development of our next Business Plan and how well the plan reflects what our customers tell us. Find out more about our panel and what they do.

How to get involved

Our new online community - Talk on Water - is your chance to share your thoughts about your water services, hear the views of others and get involved in conversations. It will also provide us with important feedback to help us shape our plans. There will be different topics up for discussion so why not join in and have your say. We will also be holding prize draws for members who participate with a chance to win a £30 high street voucher each month.

Taking part is easy and you can give as much or as little time to the community as you choose by participating in quick polls, surveys and discussions. Simply click the link above to register or follow this link: We hope to see you online soon!

You can also email to make sure your views are heard.