SES Water is committed to ensuring a transparent and fair procurement process, which is in accordance with The Utilities Contracts Regulations (UCR). We adopt robust commercial procedures for the procurement of works, supplies and services that enable us to manage risk, ensure compliance, obtain value for money and deliver innovative solutions.  

What We Buy

We procure a variety of works, supplies and services to ensure a reliable and safe supply of high quality drinking water. Our suppliers are diverse and range from engineering construction and maintenance to energy, chemicals, fleet, materials and professional consultancy services. Support services are provided by specialist suppliers in facilities management, information technology and telecommunications.


In order to comply with the UCR we will adopt one of the following methods for making a call for competition in the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU):

  • A contract notice advertising an individual requirement

  • A periodic indicative notice (PIN) advertising a series of requirements

  • Achilles Utilities Vendor Database (UVDB), a qualification system, from which suppliers are shortlisted for tender

In accordance with the UCR we often use the negotiated award procedure however other procedures are available. There are usually two stages in the procurement process:

  1. Pre-qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) – used for shortlisting suppliers to tender based on selection criteria

  2. Invitation to Tender (ITT) – formal invitation to tender based on award criteria

Our current and planned procurement events are detailed below – when known, we will state for each event which method will be used for making a call for competition.

Achilles UVDB

In order to participate in events using Achilles UVDB suppliers will be required to register on the database and further information can be found using the following link:

Please contact Achilles directly regarding UVDB registration. 

Current procurement events

SES Water is currently undertaking the following event:

Waste management

We plan to procure waste management services for the holding, collection, transportation and safe disposal, or recycling, of waste arising from several operational sites in our supply area. The service includes the receipt of bulk construction waste from our own repair and maintenance operations.

The services will be procured in two Lots as follows:

  • Lot 1 – Non-hazardous waste
  • Lot 2 – Hazardous waste

We will launch the pre-qualification stage in early January 2019 and plan to use the Achilles UVDB qualification system to shortlist for tender. We aim to commence the contracts in spring 2019.