Customer Scrutiny Panel

Our Customer Scrutiny Panel (CSP) brings together stakeholders that reflect the interests and expectations of our customers. This includes water regulators and those that have a customer’s perspective to contribute.

The panel is independently chaired and members are asked to advise, scrutinise and challenge us in the development and implementation of our 2020 – 2025 Business Plan. The panel will also provide independent assurance to Ofwat on the quality of our customer engagement and the extent to which this is reflected in future business plans. The panel’s terms of reference provides further detail on the key aims and objectives of the group.

Meet the panel members.

A summary of each panel meeting can be found below. Here is a summary of commonly used terms and acronyms that feature in these summaries.

If you would like to know more about the Panel and its work or enquire about joining, please get in touch by emailing

Customer Scrutiny Panel Meeting Summaries

Interim meeting summary (March 2018)

Quater 3 2017-18 meeting summary (January 2018)

Quarter 2 2017-18 meeting summary (October 2017)

Quarter 1 2017-18 meeting summary (July 2017)

Quarter 4 2016-17 meeting summary (April 2017)

Quarter 3 2016-17 meeting summary (January 2017)

Quarter 2 2016-17 meeting summary (October 2016)

Quarter 1 2016-17 meeting summary (July 2016)

Quarter 4 2015-16 meeting summary (April 2016)

Quarter 3 2015-16 meeting summary (January 2016)

Quarter 2 2015-16 meeting summary (October 2015)

Quarter 1 2015-16 meeting summary (July 2015)