Business Plan 2015-2020

Every five years we submit a business plan to Ofwat. Ofwat was created when the water industry was privatised in 1989. As most people cannot choose their water supplier, one of the economic regulator's duties is to set the price, investment and service package that customers receive. They do this every five years and must balance the interests of customers and stakeholders while ensuring that companies can pay for the services they are committing to deliver.  

Our business plan 

In December 2013 we submitted our business plan for 2015 to 2020. It followed the most comprehensive customer and stakeholder consultation process ever undertaken by the company. We spoke to thousands of our customers and set up an independent panel of customer representatives that helped ensure that this feedback was reflected in the commitments we made.

We committed to delivering a package of service improvements that includes:

  • Maintaining our excellent record of providing high-quality water
  • Reducing interruptions to your supply in the short term and ensuring that water is available whenever you need it now and in the future
  • Reducing the amount of water that leaks from our pipes
  • Enhancing our education programme to teach more children and adults about the importance of water and water saving
  • Providing excellent customer service and reducing the need for customers to send us complaints
  • Helping customers reduce their water use by offering advice, devices and water meters.


Ofwat's determination

Ofwat assessed our plan and compared it against other water companies. Ofwat published draft determinations on 29 August and consulted on its proposed price and service package for every water company in England and Wales.

On 12 December 2014 Ofwat confirmed the price and service package that it expects us to deliver over the five years to April 2020.

More about Ofwat’s final determination can be found here