Rainfall and Resources

Sutton and East Surrey Water and its predecessors have been recording data on the amount of rainfall since 1910. The recording site is at our Head Office in Redhill.

Actual Rainfall (bar) and Long Term Average (line)

(A missing bar in the following graph indicates that no data is available for that month at this time)

The difference between Actual Rainfall and the Long Term Average

Raw Data Spreadsheet

To download this spreadsheet please click on the following link:

excel.zip - a ZIP format file containing the full set of all available data in a multi-sheet Excel format spreadsheet. (data updated monthly)

Current Resource Levels

please click on the diagram above for an enlarged copy (pdf)

Bough Beech Reservoir Level

 Information updated on 19 April

Well House Inn Reference Borehole Level

Graph showing the water level in the Well House Inn borehole

Information updated on 19 April- click graph to enlarge