Water meters

Water meters are widely accepted as the fairest way of charging for water, because you pay for what you use. You could make some surprising savings.

To help you estimate the amount your household uses - and therefore the size of your bill if you had a meter fitted - complete our Water Savings Calculator. For more guidance on how much water is used by appliances in the home, download our 'How much water do I use' factsheet.

We will normally install a water meter free of charge in the following cases:

  • you ask us to fit one;
  • a change of occupancy has occurred;
  • you are a high user of water due to the use of a sprinkler or have a specific category of swimming pool;
  • at a new or newly converted property.

Free Meter scheme and chance to WIN £50 of High Street Shopping Vouchers!

The quickest and easiest way to apply for a meter is by using our online application form. If you prefer, you can complete and post the form at the back of our leaflet, or call our Customer Services team on 01737 772000. Meters are fitted free of charge and usually within two months of receiving your application.

If you apply today you’ll automatically be entered into our monthly competition for a chance of winning £50 in high street shopping vouchers*  


Change of Occupancy scheme

Since April 2010, our metering policy (agreed with the Regulator, Ofwat) is to install meters when the billpayer tells us they are moving out of a property. This includes both owner-occupier and tenanted properties. Download our Change of Occupancy Metering booklet for more information.

High Use scheme

The Water Industry Act 1991 provides powers for water companies to install water meters at properties where customers wish to water their garden using sprinklers or other non-handheld devices, or have a swimming pool greater than 10m3 in size with an automatic top-up from the mains supply.  If this is the case at your property, then we will require that a water meter is installed.  Please contact our Customer Services team on 01737 772000 if this is relevant for your property.

If you want to know more about any aspect of water metering, please contact our Customer Services team using our online form or by calling 01737 772000.


*Terms and Conditions apply

  1. One entry per household.
  2. Applicable to domestic properties only. 
  3. A prize winner will be drawn at random from all complete applications each month.
  4. The draw will take place during the first week of each month for applications received in the previous month.
  5. The winner will be notified by phone, email or post.
  6. The voucher will be sent by recorded delivery to the address the meter application has been received for.
  7. Decisions regarding the competition are at the absolute discretion of Sutton and East Surrey Water.
  8. This competition will run for a limited period only and may be withdrawn without notice.  
  9. New meter applications only.