Water efficiency projects

We have actively been involved in a number of pioneering projects to make being water efficient part of everyday life. Some of these award-winning projects have been part of national schemes to improve water saving.

Savings of up to 25% have been achieved in homes and schools. However, we hope these projects will have a lasting benefit by improving understanding of the ways in which our habits affect the amount of water we use.

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This Autumn we have launched our largest ever home visit programme, with the aim of visiting 1,000 homes in the Morden area to save over 55,000 litres a day.

The home visits take around 50 minutes. Our qualified technicians fit a range of free water saving devices, including aerated showerheads and dual flush toilet kits. They also find and fix simple leaks, like dripping taps, as well as providing advice and tips on how your household can save water and energy.

Even if you don't pay for your water on a metered basis, saving water is good for our rivers and wetlands. And with around a quarter of gas and electricity used to heat water in the home, saving hot water will save of energy bills too.

To check if you can have a visit, simply enter your postcode here or call 0330 0669987.

Like many homes and businesses, most schools are not as water efficient as they could be.

Over the past 10 years hundreds of schools across the UK have undergone a water 'retrofit', with average water savings of 20%. We are keen to give schools and colleges in our supply area access to these savings. This is why have launched Learn2Save in partnership with Aqualogic. The key feature of the scheme is that the work is paid for out of savings in water bills over a fixed period, with the bill capped at a set rate.

Already over 150 schools have had a water audit completed. The average amount these schools can save is 21%.

As well as making savings on water, sewerage, and energy bills, the scheme gives the school the opportunity to involve pupils in the importance of looking after their local environment. Schools taking part in the Ecoschools programme will know that taking action on water use is one of the topics needed to achieve the awards.

If you would like more details about the scheme, please email us at everydropcounts@waterplc.com.



Eco-teams are neighbourhood groups of friends and relatives working together to learn and develop ways of saving water and energy. Wasting less and recycling more - and helping to reduce household bills. 

Eco-teams have a national network developed by Global Action Plan, one of the joint partners of the Tap into Savings project, which we helped pioneer in Redhill and Merstham.

Interested in getting involved? Visit the Eco-team website.