Teaching children to use water wisely

Have you ever really thought about how your water supply gets to your tap? Ask any one of the thousands of children that have visited our Education Centre or received a talk from our Education Team and they will tell you how it is collected, treated and piped to your home. 

We give FREE talks and tours on a wide range of water-related topics to hundreds of schools each year. For more information, read the Water Wise Schools section below.

Outside of school, we want young people in our area to understand the importance of using water wisely, and how they can make a difference in their household.

Education Programme

We teach hundreds of school children every year on a range of water-related topics.

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Don't be a water-waster! It's cool to save water, and we'll help you do it with tips and things to try. 

Only 1% of all the water in the world can be used for drinking. More people are having to share this water.

All the water we use comes from rainfall. If it doesn't rain enough, we have a shortage. Recent shortages have taught us to be very careful with the water we have.

In our area, each person uses about 160 litres every day, that's two bathfuls of water! People are using more water than before, for example to have longer showers. 

Find out how much your family uses by completing our Home Water Audit activity sheet (pdf). Our Water Use in the Home fact sheet (pdf) will give you some ideas on how to use less water.

Also, you can ask your family about ordering a water saving pack

Why not ask your teacher to book our Saving Water School Talk?

Find out about our Educational Programme for schools - talks, tours and a Teachers Resource pack by calling Jo Hedges on 07824 635581 or by emailing her on jo.hedges@seswater.co.uk.

Who is the best water-saver in your family? The whole family can enjoy this game while learning how to save water in the home. Play individually or as teams and find out who's a water-waster!

The Water Family Game was developed with support of the Water Industry.


By 2020 the Government would like all schools to have minimised their carbon emissions, and be models of energy efficiency, renewable energy and water conservation.  And of course, teaching the next generation on how to use water with care is a key part of making our resources go further in the future.

Many schools are also getting involved in water saving in order to improve their Eco-schools accreditation.

Why not get the pupils to carry out a School Water Audit to see how water is being used in your school – see our Water Audit sheet and instructions. If you would prefer us to do the work for you, contact us for a free audit using our on-line form. Alternatively phone us on 01737 772000. We will provide advice on making water savings in school, and will fit free devices where needed.

To find out how much water a dripping tap wastes, download our Dripping Tap Investigation sheets and instructions.

Find out about our Key Stage 2 Educational Programme - talks, tours and a Teachers Resource pack by calling Jo Hedges on 07824 635581 or by email jo.hedges@seswater.co.uk.