Switch to an online water bill today

You're just two clicks away from switching to online billing:


- Gives you access to your paper bill, but online
- We’ll email you as soon as your bill is ready
- You’ll get instant access to your billing history
- You can link multiple properties on one account and login
- You can access your bill information when it suits you from mobile, tablet and desktop computer.


So why not join over 45,000 other customers who have already switched to online bills? just add water and go paperless today.


This is the first version of our new online billing service and we’re already working on some new developments which will be coming soon!  We’ll notify those registered for online billing of updates to the service as soon as they become available.

If you are having any problems with this service please E-mail: ebillsupport@seswater.co.uk



Please note - Our service is not currently compatible with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.