Water efficiency

There are four steps to making your business or organisation more water efficient. Reducing the amount of hot and cold water you use will save you money on your water and energy bills, as well as showing you are committed to protecting the local environment. The steps are:

  1. Calculate your water consumption
  2. Find and fix leaks
  3. Set targets for improvements and install water-saving devices
  4. Promote the water saving message to staff


To calculate your water consumption follow these steps.

  1. Review water bills from several years
  2. Work out the average daily use in each year or month
  3. Plot results on a graph
  4. Look for any increasing trend that can’t be explained – it could be a leak. Remember that leaks can occur from urinals, toilets and storage tanks as well as underground pipework.


For more information on carrying out a self-audit and checking your consumption, download our information leaflet. Copies are also available from our Customer Service Team.

If you'd prefer us to do the audit for you, and provide free water saving devices, all our business customers can request a FREE water audit. Use our online form to contact our Customer Services Department and request an audit. Typical savings are around 20%, just with the installation of some simple devices, which we can usually provide free of charge.

What our customers have said


"We had tap aerators fitted and I asked the staff to put plugs in the sinks. It's made a real difference and every little helps"

Joe Paini, owner of Gustos Restaurant, Carshalton - Saving 35% on his water bill

"Having an audit made us aware of how much water we could save. It was a number of small, simple things but they all helped. Most were easy, some were common sense. It took a short time to save money."

Serge Tassi, owner of La Barbe Restaurant, Reigate - Saving 26% on his water bill

Further information


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How to be more water efficient in the workplace

For your noticeboard

Water Efficiency Poster

Please contact us if you would like copies of the booklet or poster to be sent to you.