Services for Water Supply Licensees

The Water Act 2003 introduced new provisions enabling opportunities for competition in the UK water industry. The Water Supply (Amendment to the Threshold Requirement) Regulations 2011 enabled all commercial customers to choose thieir supplier if they use more than 5 Ml (5,000 m3) of water per year.

Customers looking to have their water services provided by Sutton and East Surrey Water Services Ltd. should contact the Key Account Manager at

The following diagram incorporates a number of pdfs which set out our approach to Water Supply Licensing and the procedures that should be followed in order for licensed water suppliers to service eligible customers within the company's supply area.






The following download and link provides further relevant information relating to Water Supply Licensing.

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Compliance Code


Under condition R of our Instrument of Appointment, we are required to have a Compliance Code governing our interactions with water supply licensees. This code includes information on how we will manage our dealings with competitors to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations.