We have one of the lowest leakage rates, but we need your help to maintain this record.  Please help us by reporting any leak, or suspected leak, using the leak report form.

Spotting a leak is often easy where water is visible, but there are some other signs:

  • Unusually green patches of grass
  • Lower than normal water pressure
  • High water meter readings

More advice and information about leakage can be found below, or please refer to our leakage fact sheet (pdf).

We have a large network of water mains distributing water from our treatment works to the areas where people live and work. Each property is connected to a water main by a service pipe. The ownership of this pipe is divided between us and the property owner.

In most cases we are responsible for the section between the water main and the boundary of the street in which the water main is located. This section is called the communication pipe. There is usually an underground stopcock near this boundary, and there may also be a meter installed here. Both the stopcock and meter are our responsibility.

You, or your landlord, are legally responsible for the section of the service pipe from the boundary of the street to your property. This is called the supply pipe. If there is a leak on the supply pipe you are responsible for getting it repaired. The diagram below shows a typical service pipe layout, with the pipe supplying a single property. If you share your supply pipe with neighbours then you also share responsiblity for fixing leaks with them. If you are unsure about which sections of pipework are your responsibility, please contact us for further advice.

A diagram showing who is responsibile for the underground supply pipe.