Company Monitoring Framework

The Company Monitoring Framework was introduced by Ofwat, the economic regulator for the water sector, in 2015. The framework describes how Ofwat will oversee that we, and other water and wastewater companies, are providing our customers and other stakeholders with information they can have confidence in. This framework supports the sectors shared vision for customers to have trust and confidence in the services we provide.

Risks, strengths and weaknesses and assurance activity

The first step we have taken to comply with the framework requirements this year is to identify our risks, strengths and weaknesses.  We have published a statement explaining the areas that we are targeting for assurance this year and provide a summary of the planned assurance activity.

Our targeted areas for the current year are:

  • Annual charging schemes and customer bills – these outline the charges that will apply for the supply of water.
  • Annual performance report – this report tells stakeholders how we have performed against the targets that we planned to achieve.

A final assurance plan for these areas will be published in the spring. Below is information on the assurance carried out last year

Our final assurance plan for 2016-2017

Our final assurance plan for 2016-17 is available here

We are always looking for suggestions for improvements we can make to the information we provide or the way we present it. If you have any suggestions please get in touch with us at

Outcome of assurance activity for 2016-17

We targeted two areas in our assurance plan. Our outcomes report explains the assurance activity carried out and the outcomes of that assurance.